Non-conformity is just an act of conforming to non-conformity.

I’m in one of those stereotypical female moods where I am generally obsessed and very concerned with my aesthetic value, and have re-evaluated my wardrobe, makeup, hair color and cut. I’ve spent over $400 on makeup in the last month or so (I know it’s crass to talk about money, but I’m working-class spawn so forgive me) and I’m still not happy. I know by the time that summer rolls around, I won’t want to wear ANYTHING (insert Vegas joke here) yet I cannot help but indulge.

Caring about how one looks is normal and natural though, and anyone who says that they don’t care how they look is a fucking liar. I remember one time I was sitting in my American Realism class, which was painful- not because of the material because I’m a loser and I loved the nineteenth century, but because it was a 7:00 – 9:15 p.m. class. In between my upright cat naps, I overheard my classmates discussing social cues and how people dress, act, etc. accordingly.

One gentleman proudly declared that attending to social cues was not as inherent as people thought, and explained as an example that he did not care at all how he dressed. Now, at first look one would have been inclined to have said to him “we can tell,” observing an obviously sedentary lifestyle and detecting an unremarkable love life. However, wouldn’t it be true that if he did NOT care about what he wore, he would not be opposed to wearing women’s clothing? Or bright colors? If people indiscriminately chose their clothing, what would they look like? Why did he choose cargo shorts over slacks or jeans? Tennis shoes over loafers? I don’t think I have to expand on this further, because one can imagine what his responses would be should anyone ask him these things. There really are not very many varying answers.

I don’t know what the point of this story was, except to show how much I have a disdain for people who are silly enough to think that they are not subject to social cues as the next human being participating in society. Don’t they read their Nietzsche? It also gives me a false sense of superiority, which is awesome too.

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Foot Fetish

No, I don’t have one. Sorry to disappoint. I’ve been preoccupied lately with lamenting about how… flat my shoe collection has gotten. No doubt working on campus and focusing on my academics has killed my shoe game. I try my best to not fall too far into the frumpy college girl rut (keyword: TRY), but having to walk   one to two miles a day between buildings is a foot killer.

So as I was thinking about this a few days ago, it hit me. My shoe closet is destined for mediocrity. I have chosen to pursue a life in academics. What respectable university is tiny enough for me to trot around all day in five-inch heels without needing my feet to be amputated by four p.m.?  Le sigh.


J Crew fitted shirt, $40
J Crew low top, $178
Alice by Temperley quilted leather jacket, $818
Uniqlo stretch pants, £35
John Lewis black socks, £4.25
Christian Louboutin velvet loafer, $925
Christian Louboutin clutch bag, $2,345
Miu Miu bow necklace, $695
Le Metier de Beaute Ken Downing’s Lipstick, $32

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Creative Juices

I happen to like that phrase a lot, because it feels kind of naughty to say. In any case, I have them and that may be to the benefit of this poor dusty old blog.

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UNLV upset UNC last night!

Which is basically the biggest win we’ve had since Grandpa Tarkanian was the coach here at UNLV. Pretty huge for us, and a nice gift to the fans (especially those of us who have perfect home game attendance!!). Now hopefully we don’t blow it after this. Consistency left our basketball program with Jerry Tarkanian, it seems.

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I don’t know what.

My last semester of undergraduate is this spring, and I’m still embarrassed that it took me so long to finish it. I mean, I understand why it took so long, however knowing that I’m smarter than most of my classmates but will have spent more time getting my B.A. is still embarrassing. I should be finishing my M.A. right now. Better late than never, I suppose. I keep wondering what life will be like when I’m done. I am still not sure whether I am going to enter the M.A. in English program here at UNLV because the more I think about it, the more I really don’t feel like I would be getting to take the classes I would want to take. I was going to stay at UNLV assuming that I would be able to take independent studies under some of our few literary theory professors to sort of mimic what I would be getting at a school with a strong critical theory background. However, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case. I’m starting to think that I’ll just dick around and work while David finishes his M.A. here, and then I’ll apply to UC Santa Cruz or UC Riverside. I mean, realistically I could get an M.A. at any accredited university in English, but if I can boost the chances of getting into one of the best English Ph.D. programs in the country, I’d like to do it. Regardless, I’ll need to retake my GREs. I got a 79th percentile Verbal, and a 24TH PERCENTILE Quantitative. Truth be told, I did NOT study at all and I do realize that most respectable graduate programs rely on transcripts and letters of recommendation, however my transcript is even lackluster. It’s such a bummer having your past be a deciding factor when it doesn’t represent your actual ability. I’m not sure how I did on my GRE Subject Test in Literature went. Still waiting on the scores. I can’t believe UNLV requires M.A. applicants to the English program to take it. Oh well.

Thanksgiving was good. The Runnin’ Rebels are 6-0. LSU is undefeated. I don’t do much except go to basketball games, watch football, hang out with David and sleep. I’m so tired. Not being pressured to hurry up and finish school is going to feel so awesome… These past- oh god- six years have worn me down so much. It’ll be nice to be able to go out and have friends again. Life sounds pretty awesome.


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Thank you, Zara.

Zara + online shopping = sad wallet. I am unbelievably thrilled about this, as the only Zara in Vegas is always a mess and woefully emptied of all the size 2s (much like our H&Ms). So instead of going to my 8:30 Milton course, let’s put together a wishlist, shall we?

Zara Palazzo Trousers

Leather Trousers


Long Cross Over Cardigan

Top with Peter Pan Collar

Flounce Cross Over Coat

Dress with Elastic Waist

Boat Neck Dress


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Gratuitous ‘What’s in My Bag’ Post

I’ve gone without a purse for quite some time now. I have a wallet small enough to fit in my back pocket, and the only other necessity I must carry (iPhone) can fit in my other back pocket. I had grown accustomed to carrying my keys in my hand. In fact, the simple act of putting my keys in a bag or away somewhere causes random fits of panic. This was going well until I lost my wallet and dumped my iPhone in a sink. In fact, to be more correct, I first dropped said iPhone in a tall glass of water and a couple of months after dumped it in a full sink. It had been decided (by everyone else, not me) that I needed a bag. Admittedly, not having something to carry a water bottle in or to carry any snacks in was quite a burden, but for the purposes of simplicity and practicality, I dealt with it. So, I decided to do my research and a month later:


Contents in my Alexander Wang Trudy tote (found here among other places):

1. Keys on my nerdy UNLV lanyard, complete with cheap Eiffel Tower and Pekkle keychains
2. Rayban ‘New Wayfarer’ sunglasses (basically the only sunglasses that look good on me)
3. My beloved beloved beloved worshipped iPhone
4. My Coach wallet. Surprised to find something Coach? Yeah, me too. It’s hard to find good small wallets. I’m on the hunt right now for something that ISN’T black so it’s easily identifiable, but I’ve found nothing so far.
5. Snacks! Raw almonds and a Kind Bar. I’m perpetually hungry.
6. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream, rebottled in a Target travel bottle for easier storage.
7. On Language by Noam Chomsky
8. My make-up bag (Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray, blush, blotting powder, eyelash curler, bobby pins and hair ties)

Also, what’s pretty cool about this bag is that those zippers totally work. You can actually zip this bag into a smaller size, which makes it look more like a traditional tote. Now all I need to find is a new wallet and perhaps a more appropriate makeup bag. Any suggestions? I can’t believe that I’ve gone so long without a bag. Now I feel like I have to find things to fill it with (which isn’t so bad).

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I dropped my iPhone in a glass of water and I think I may kill myself.  Once you go iPhone…

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sun blanket

sketch by Matt Braun

It’s summer and I can’t believe I’m not doing anything.  Well, I am doing things- just not to the extent of which I was doing things earlier.  School takes over my life, and 15 credits of English and one foreign language is a bitch.  Thankfully, all of that is done and the summer courses I have been taking are pretty easy.  I just finished my Nutrition course which I chose as an easy elective, and I am still counting calories and nutrients.  I guess that’s good, right?  I’ve also started going to the gym religiously.  I used to be a very active kid, doing gymnastics, dance and ballet.  It’s been a great outlet for me and I’m looking forward to doing a 5k in October, and a either a half-marathon or a marathon in December (haven’t decided yet).  I’ve been tempted to take pole dancing classes (how Vegas of me!) because they’re great for your core and upper body, but I don’t want to get stuck in classes with stereotypical Vegas girls (I don’t think I have to elaborate, do I?).

I was going to graduate in fall 2011, but I missed the spring GRE Literature subject test (I HAVE to take it for UNLV’s English M.A.) so I pushed back my graduation to spring 2012.  Not a bad idea, considering I’ll only be taking 9 classes in the fall and 13 in the spring.  God damn this all takes too long.

This summer I plan to do a little more blogging about Vegas, since there really is no talk about what else is here besides slot machines, hookers and blow (not that these things aren’t great).  More to come, more to come.

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i had no idea people were still reading.  an update soon, promise!

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